Ibiza by Day

Ibiza by Day

July 21, 2018

I went to Europe over the Summer and it was such a much needed Wander! I was working hard in hot and smoggy Los Angeles all of June, but was daydreaming about going on new adventure to stir up my senses and get inspired. I had some friends heading to the Mediterranean so I jumped on their private jet and off I went on a European Summer vacay.

We made a stop in Ibiza, which I totally fell in love with as soon as my Louboutins hit the tarmac. Most think of the island as a rather "party centric place" and birthplace of EMD, and it is, but it's also calm, relaxing and beautiful.

If we weren't at the beach, we spent each perfect day in this boho chic paradise either zipping around on a boat, sipping libations at cute beach bars or swimming in our oceanside pool.

My Recommendations:

  • Beso Beach (make sure to try their Mojitos)
  • Rent a boat and explore the island
  • Nikki Beach
  • Aiyanna Ibiza, Es Cana
  • Babylon Beach

Best Mojito at Best Beach

Chalcedony Square Ring, Lover La Lace Chain Finger Bracelet, Gold Moonstone Diamond Wrap Bracelet and Choker (wrapped as a bracelet)

Diamond Moonstone Ring, Small Diamond Moonstone Ring, Lover La Lace Chain Finger Bracelet, Crushed Black Diamond Gold Bracelet

(Had to take this, because, well, I AM A HIPPY CHICK!)



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